Forest Villa

Forest Villa (from May 2024)

Even more space for intimacy...

Welcome to our rustic yet elegant villa for 2 people, spanning 190 m² (including a 30 m² terrace, 20 m² balcony, and small lawn). Sun-exposed on the edge of the forest, light-filled rooms in antique wood, cozy chaise longue, effect fireplace, round oversized bed. Alpine hut nostalgia in the living and dining area, fully equipped wooden kitchen. Luxurious bathroom, walk-in shower, stone basin, flat-screen TVs, automatic ventilation, air conditioning. Private sauna with panoramic window overlooking the valley and mountains, year-round heated private whirlpool on the balcony. Your Forest Villa sits on a fenced property on the slope, ensuring maximum PRIVACY.

(+39) 0471 655556
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