Chalet Resort - Zu Kirchwies in Laion
Hay bath at Chalet Resort Zu Kirchwies Hot tub heated year-round Massages in your own realm Hot tub heated year-round  – Chalet Resort Zu Kirchwies Balance in the mountains


Arrival:   Kalender  
Departure:   Kalender  

Due to the uncertainty of the Covid-19 situation
we waive the cancellation fees until shortly before the actual date of travel

Good Health & that Nature Feeling

Find strength in, and from nature, right outside your front door …
Simply open the door, set out and reenergize,
thanks to unforgettable nature experiences with lasting benefits. Sense for yourself the mystical sources of strength located close to our chalets.

Space to BE

For your personal balance …
we invite you to participate in our numerous all-inclusive wellness programs:

For a small additional charge: massages and other wellness treatments in your own “realm”

Südtirol Balance – A break in South Tyrol

Sometimes you need a little break to garner the strength to face everyday life. Südtirol Balance makes this break a reality. Experts help you slow down and relax at special retreats on your mini break. On breaks at rejuvenating spots in the natural landscape of South Tyrol, participants will learn to re-focus on what is essential, to ground themselves and to enjoy the moment with mindfulness.

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